Thursday, April 28, 2016

Think / Plan / Act

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Think  •  Plan  •  Act

These three words enable us to build and implement successful business plans (and yes, this includes successful non-profits, as well).

While our world is complex, we can target our efforts on practical, time tested steps to simplify and focus on key priorities. Human Resource practices are, like any other business system, both simple, and complex.

We need to THINK about what we need in,

  • Staffing
    skills and capabilities, how many, when, and what type of people do we really want
  • Orientation
    will they arrive on Day 1, absorb every scrap of info given and contribute on Day 2?
  • Performance
    do they promptly start delivering good performance on their own, or do we have some obligations here?
  • Policies and Practices
    do they quickly learn all policies thoroughly and work within them without reminders?
  • Employee Relations
    do Employees just naturally work with others respectfully and effectively?
Maybe… but to be sure, we need to PLAN systematic steps to get what we need. What is your plan to?

  • Target key skills and qualities in staffing
  • Accelerate new employees fitting in, learning, then building confidence and competence
  • Direct, guide and coach increasingly better performance, and intervene, as needed
  • Clearly communicate and reinforce desired behaviours for smoother operations
We have plans for finance, marketing, sales, productions, customer service, so need a simple, practical HR Plan (as employment is one of the largest expenses we have.)

Successful Employers commit and follow through to ACT on their plans and adapt them over time. The smartest employers, ACT to,

  • Live up to basic expectations of Employees. (Many don’t and disengagement results)
  • Consistently follow through on plans. (Fairness and consistency build trust and results)
  • Support Employee success-Orientation, Training and Coaching pay off big time
If we are leaders, let’s lead the way. Let’s Think, Plan and Act  |  204-232-0903

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