Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Workplace Survey Series

The more we know, the more we succeed. In the past twenty (20) years, human resource managers have moved beyond delivery of basic staffing and compensation services, to providing essential business information based on hard, cold facts. For example, the current buzzword of Employee Engagement is backed up by business results such as,

  • Best Buy - Every 2% increase in employee engagement shows annual store profit increases of $100,000 per store.
  • JC Penney - The top 25% of stores with high employee engagement scores generate 36% more income than stores with the lowest 25% employee engagement scores.
Increasingly, human resource management decisions are based on facts vs well meaning, but unsupported opinions.

The HR Strategies Workplace Survey Series is a simple, non-academic ten (10) question sampling of Employee and Management opinions on issues that affect organizational effectiveness. In short, a snapshot of existing workplace views on aspects such as, Performance Development, Employee Relations, Supervisory Communication, Effective Orientations, Leadership and Motivation, Training and Development, and other elements of human resource management. How can we make it better, for more effective, successful workplaces?

Some surveys will sample Employee opinions, while others will invite opinions of Supervisory Managers. All survey information is confidential, participants will not be asked to identify themselves, nor will tracking of participants occur. (We are interested in sampling opinions, not individual data.) For accuracy purposes, participants will be asked to confirm which group they are in, Employees, Manager (or both), so we can properly assess the results.

You are invited to participate in the current survey entitled….Once each survey is complete, we will publish the results …We have a range of surveys planned but are always open to suggestions for new ideas.

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