Wednesday, July 17, 2013


First the good news! Good performance and motivation can lead to promotion into a front line manager job! Congratulations!

Now the bad news! The majority of front line managers receive little or no training on how to do the job. A trial and error approach then results, which is expensive!

Promoted based on their success in a previous job, now, they have taken on one of the most challenging roles in business, and one with high consequences too!

Leadership, supervision, employee motivation and development, employee relations and problem solving, are all complex elements of the job. Even supremely talented new Supervisors need basic information on,

  • Their new role and responsibilities,
  • Basic communication,
  • Legal and policy issues to address,
  • Supervision does and don’t,
  • Basic problem solving (and hopefully, problem prevention)

Also, the job is getting more complex as legal requirements evolve and employee expectations rise.

Let’s put it this way, would you let a talented but untrained employee drive a $25,000 company vehicle without a drivers’ license? Why would you put a talented but untrained person in charge of a Department with $30,000-$300,000 in salaries at stake? (By the way, turnover is a huge cost to employers, as well. Some studies note that an estimated 40% of voluntary turnover is due to dissatisfaction with Supervisors or Managers.)

New Supervisors need both support and information to successfully step into their challenging new role. Smart organizations recognize this and have plans to meet the challenge. Some have internal supervisory development programs, while others access existing workshops to get new Supervisors up to speed.

Ask any experienced Manager what they wish they knew when first appointed to the job. They can tell you the many problems they could have prevented, or productivity gains they could have made, with a proper grounding in their role.

Employee engagement surveys report that the influence of the Supervisor is one of the more significant factors in employee engagement and retention.

Training front line managers is not only a key investment in the leadership of the company, it’s a practical, cost-efficient basic that impacts the bottom line! Just do it!

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