Friday, June 26, 2015

Performance Partnerships

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All Managers need Employees to perform well and succeed. In surveys, Managers state that the vast majority of Employees are quite willing and able to do a good job. So far, so good!

Logically then, performance management meetings should be positive, win/win discussions as both parties collaborate on plans, processes and results. (In some cases, this actually happens.)

Unfortunately Managers and Employees, consistently say performance discussions are stressful and discouraging (a recent survey indicated 46% of Employers consider appraisals ineffective.)

  • Hint 1 – It’s not the form! (Everyone hates the form! That’s not the problem!)
  • Hint 2 – It’s not the people! (Most Employees & Managers want to do better!)
Where we go off track (while a few others get it right)

  1. Performance development is not seen as the top priority. (Yet we need it to build results.)
    Performance planning and appraisal are considered “add-ons”, to a Managers’ job.
  2. Few Managers are trained in communicating goals, feedback, and coaching for results.
  3. Employees often have little real input in the process, finding it frustrating and stressful.
    (Yet, as their confidence & expertise increases, they could make greater contributions.)
What to do?
  1. Recognize the Managers’ job is to get results, through the success of their Employees.
  2. Commit to provide Managers with time, processes and training to get those results.
  3. Develop a practical plan for the organization to enhance the performance of each Employee.
  4. Engage & partner with Employees, balancing training, support and accountability to perform and succeed.
  • Commitment – make a high commitment to a practical, more effective performance building plan, train Managers well in the process.
  • Clarity – clearly define with Employees, the results expected and how to get them.
  • Contact – mandate consultations with Employees during the year to collaborate on progress, issues & results

We need to support Managers in building performance & results.
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