Thursday, April 16, 2020

What is Job 1?

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Let’s keep it simple! A Manager's number one job is to make employees successful! That’s it!

Successful Employees = Successful Managers = Successful Businesses

We can do this many ways, by deciding what is needed, then acting, such as,

  • Teaching inexperienced employees-Show them how.
  • Supporting employees with the resources to do the job-Verify what they need.
  • Coaching employees as they learn-Help fine tune their skills.
  • Tracking progress and providing feedback to build knowledge and skills-Encourage.
  • Intervening if needed to get some back on track-Monitor as required and act as needed.
  • Pushing when they need more confidence-Nudge them when it’s time to step up.
  • Delegating gradually as their expertise develops-You’ll now have time for other tasks.
As in any business situation, Managers assess what is needed and then act on it. Performance management is no different. To succeed, however,

  1. We need to plan. Invest the time. Success doesn’t just happen, but you will be rewarded.
  2. We need to commit to a positive, collaborative approach which holds both parties mutually accountable. *
  3. We need to follow through. (Managers who invest in leadership win big.)
*Employees who have the knowledge, resources and support of their Managers are successful and contribute more effectively. (We already know this.)

There are two key words for implementation,

  • Clarity –

    Ensure the results you expect are clearly understood, so employees have the confidence they know those expectation. Plan together and update if changes occur.
  • Contact –

    Follow through on a plan to collaborate and hold “progress consultations” during the year and a “no surprises” wrap up summary at year end. Consulting enables you to guide, coach, support and encourage, plus acknowledge work well done. Also, employees are then more accountable to let you know their issues and needs.
Managers tell us the vast majority of employees can and want to do a good job. Both Employees and Managers, however, tell us how problematic performance discussions can be. On the other hand, 15-20% of employees actually look forward to performance discussions, stating,

“My Manager supports my success.”

“My Manager lets me know what is needed and helps me get it done.”

“My Manager coaches me when needed.”

Engaged Employees are 20-25% more productive (and their Managers are happier.)

It’s an investment that pays off, big time!

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