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Managers make multiple decisions, so need prompt access to effective strategies to build success. Few, however, take on a leadership position with extensive training and preparation. Training is valuable, but in the meantime, these notes may help.

This series of rudimentary “quick reference” notes are offered to supervisory managers, owners, prospective supervisors and other leaders to provide an introduction to effective staff management suggestions and ideas that work. They also may confirm some of the good practices you already have in place.


Employment costs vary greatly between organizations based on nature of the operation. One estimate indicates salaries alone make up 18 to 52 percent of an operating budget. Regardless of the figure in your organization, managing employment well and controlling costs are important factors in your success.

At the same time employment, and business in general, has become more complex,

  • Standards are rising (i.e. higher expectations of clients, employees and employers)
  • Legal requirements are evolving (i.e. safety, employment standards)

Smaller organizations face similar challenges as larger ones, plus more, but may have an advantage over large employers. Large firms may have well-established practices and more resources but cannot innovate and adapt as quickly as smaller employers.

Looking Ahead

This series briefly addresses traditional employment aspects such as staffing and performance management, but also includes notes on other high impact areas such as employee engagement, policies and practices, all affecting costs.

These are tip of the iceberg, “quick reference” notes, not an in-depth guide or legal advice. They offer recommended initial approaches that work in other organizations.

Topics include:

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