Manager's Resource Centre Introduction

Background Rationale

Managers need quick access to information and support, as well as, longer term learning to address the many supervisory challenges and opportunities they face.

This modest Resource Centre provides access to such resources and will be added to regularly to provide,

  • A quick Reference Series on key aspects of Human Resource Management.

The Objective

To enable Managers to manage more effectively and successfully with employees, meeting mutual expectations and contributing to stronger organizations.


Because, while human resource management can be complex, there are many simple, basic practices, processes, and ideas, that, if implemented properly, contribute significantly to,

  • Preventing most supervision, performance, and employee relations problems, and,
  • Effectively enhancing employee (and organizational) performance and success.

Smart Managers continue learning and improving operations. They recognize that, while they may have initially been selected for their talent, it is how they continuously learn and perform that will build their careers.

As leaders, we need to keep learning. A smart Manager accesses new knowledge and skills for one purpose, to perform better, enhancing their skills and those of others around them.

Hopefully, you will find items of interest here, to support your leadership role. Please share your ideas and best practices, as well, so others may gain from your experience.

Disclaimer: This website provides general information, not detailed legal advice to address your specific employment issues. Consult a specialist for such detailed advice.

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