Manager's Policies and Procedures Guide

Policies and practices, Ho Hum! Not the most riveting topic is it? Well, anything that saves you time, trouble and money helps.

You likely have many existing practices on how tasks are done. You establish those procedures to be effective and efficient to deliver services or products.

Its’ wise to have a planned approach to deal with ongoing tasks and situations to ensure,

  • Proper steps are taken to perform work and implement plans.
  • Decisions are made promptly as everyone knows what to do. (Time and money are not wasted discussing, “How do we deal with this? What options are there?”)
  • Problems are prevented* by thinking ahead and establishing how you want things done.

*Also, addressing a problem after the fact takes time away from other work, plus the damage may already be done if its’ a safety, legal or behaviour issue.

The clearer your policies and guidelines are, fewer problems and issues arise. Show people the rules, reinforce them, and let them get on with the work. Informed employees perform better.

Employers want smooth operations and consistent processes, so we need to let employees know what to do. We also want to influence behaviours in the workplace by,

  • Confirming how you want things done, then reinforcing it (codes of conduct, safety)
  • Confirming rights and obligations of both parties (to meet basic legal requirements).

A sample of key areas to address includes,

Employer Expectations (Examples)

  • Employment conditions – shifts, schedules, hours of work, attendance, performance
  • Behaviours – conduct, no harassment/discrimination, fair practices, conflict of interest.
  • Compensation/Benefits – pay, privacy, overtime, vacations, holidays, approvals required
  • Safety – safe work practices, steps in case of accidents, WCB
  • Employee Relations – communication, problem solving, counseling/discipline


  • Use of company computers, e-mail, cell phones, social media issues, etc.
  • Privacy of e-mails on company equipment

Higher legal standards in employment law now require employers to enact basic policies to protect employees and themselves from harm. The good news is that the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health website offers a wide range of free resources, services and sample policies on key issues that can be adapted to your needs.

Communication of clear policies engages employees who understand their rights and obligations. It saves time for managers who don’t need to stop and explain routine practices.

(Oh yes, it also reduces issues and disputes so you can get on with the work.)

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