Manager Staffing Guide

We want to attract and retain talent to contribute to our success. This may mean specific qualifications, training, or experience, plus the motivation to do a good job.

There has also been a shift in recent years as expectations have risen (just as our standards and expectations have risen as consumers ourselves.)

Employers –

Beyond basic qualifications, employers are now seeking employees;

  • Who have demonstrated the ability to learn, to adapt to changes and to new systems.
  • Who are willing to accept feedback and coaching to build performance.

Candidates –

are seeking employers;

  • Who live up to obligations for fair treatment and positive, respectful workplaces.
  • Who provide learning and the opportunity to grow.

To enhance our successfully staffing and retention of talented employees we can,

  1. Think ahead on the type and number of employees you need and when needed, plus the nature of people you want working with you, to do the job, but also contribute. (i.e. Hire for attitude.)
  2. Carefully advertise specific job requirements to reduce unqualified applicants and save time.
  3. Screen applicants quickly into A, B and C groups. Contact the “A” group to verity the basics to narrow down for in-person interviews (do longer phone interviews if you have too many “A”s).
  4. Plan interviews to,
    1. Target the qualifications and behaviours needed on the job. Establish a selection grid by listing and then weighting the factors to score candidates on. (It makes your job much easier).
    2. Seek examples of actual tasks and demonstrated behaviours they can tell you about. (These can be verified in reference checks, which are quite valuable).
    3. As you begin, brief candidates on the organization, the job and what you really need. It helps them to relax, to do their best. You want “to “make them shine”, to find the best one.)
    4. Use a range of question types (i.e. Open, Closed, Probes, Behavioral) to enable candidates to expand on their background, clarify points, and otherwise respond to you.
    5. Score candidates carefully, then compare to ensure fairness and consistency. Look for the key attributes you have listed. Do you need a person who is strong on 2-3 factors, or, one who scores consistently well on a wider range of factors

      Do not ask questions of a personal nature. Stick to qualifications and job duties.
  5. Check 2-3 references with employers by first describing the job and type of person needed. Ask if the previous job was similar, seek examples of how they demonstrated performance on key factors, plus the ability to learn and openness to feedback. (Do this, it pays off!)
  6. Job offers – prepare a written offer to confirm details, call to discuss it and then confirm by sending an e-mail to confirm asking for a prompt answer (3-5 days.)

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