HR Coaching Services

HR Coaching support when you need it most.

The increasing complexity of people management situations can be effectively addressed with,
  • Planned, targeted discussions on key staff management issues organizations face,
  • Development of strategies to address your staff management priorities,
  • Ongoing coaching support to implement your strategies and enhance them over time,
  • Reduction of preventable problems, so time and effort can shift to the business,
  • Establishing a more productive and efficient workplace.

HR Coaching Services - Unique From HR Strategies

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Add to your Managers' skill set in employee relations and performance development! HR Strategies offers a unique, HR management support & coaching service on key business issues. You have access to HR management expertise & services, as you need it, when you need it.

  • Employee Relations Coaching

On call, case by case coaching & support for Managers on employee relations issues, to build knowledge, skills and independence over time.

Employee relations issues are varied and unpredictable, but they do occur. HR Strategies Coaching Service, provides Supervisors & Managers with,

  • An initial consultation/development session to provide the foundation needed to address employee relations issues proactively and effectively, and,

  • Follow up coaching & support, as issues arise to resolve them and further build management expertise to the point where coaching is no longer required.

  • Performance Development Coaching

Results focused coaching on enhancement of employee performance, including goal setting, progress consultations, problem prevention/problem solving, training and skills development.

Enhancing employee performance is a major management objective, that few Supervisors/Managers are initially trained in.

Key coaching services included are:

  • Confirming mutual expectations between Employees and Managers,

  • Establishing specific plans for performance consultations & communication to meet those expectations,

  • Following through on performance development actions.

  • NOTE: Additional Service Areas

Beyond the above noted examples, HR Strategies offers coaching on the wider range of Human Resource Management areas as well, including:

  • Interviewing

  • Selection & Retention

  • Training & Development

  • Workforce & Succession Planning

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