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Participants' Feedback

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  • “Very much enjoyed the course & the speakers’ presentation”
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The Management Series

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The Management Series of one day seminars provides key skills all supervisory managers need to effectively recruit, supervise, develop performance and employee relations for organizational effectiveness. All seminars are adapted to client requirements and are available individually, or as a series for Managers to sharpen knowledge and skills in these essential areas of responsibility.

  • Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection
  • Selecting the right staff. A cornerstone of success. Managers gain skills in recruiting, assessing and selecting top candidates.
  • Management Survival Skills
  • Basic supervision to establish a solid foundation for success. Supervisory Managers learn their rights and responsibilities, as well as, effective communication, supervision and problem prevention/problem solving techniques.
  • Performance Development
  • A key Management priority. Managers learn how to establish and communicate expectations, build performance over time, consult on progress, as well as, to coach, support, or intervene as needed.
  • Effective Employee Relations
  • As essential requirement for effective management. Managers gain knowledge of positive employment practices to enhance performance, as well as, legal, effective counseling/discipline and problem solving processes.
  • Opportunities for Influence
  • Provision of techniques to target key opportunities to positively influence and motivate employees from recruitment through initial orientation, training, performance development and employee relations.

Build management expertise and results with The Management Series.

  • Management Briefing Sessions
  • A series of targeted, half day, Management working sessions on key topics to enhance your human resource strategies and operations, including,

  • Accelerated Employee Orientations
    • How to accelerate the pace of getting new Employees up to speed, knowledgeable and productive to begin contributing to the organization.
  • Building Employee Trust and Engagement
    • How to effectively partner and collaborate with Employees, building trust, engagement and motivation for better business results.
  • Intervention Skills
    • A working session on intervening effectively in to address and resolve difficult employee relations situations, as needed.
  • Effective Employee Feedback
    • How to deliver clear, practical and effective performance feedback for Employee growth and performance.
  • Respectful Workplace
    • Keeping current with both legal and employee expectations. How to establish and maintain a positive, respectful and productive, harassment free workplace.
  • Building Team Performance
    • Harnessing the value and dynamics of teams, supporting effective Managers in leading and developing successful team performance.
As with The Management Series, all workshops are adapted to individual client needs.

Strengthen your existing operations with targeted Management training on these timely initiatives.

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